Cavan, Ontario, Canada, L0A 1C0.


Welcome to Golden Rural High Speed

The Golden Rule is in short: " Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you." Well at Golden Rural we watch Netflix,do all forms of social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc., we watch Youtube and we send a lot of email. So if our digital lives work on the fast, reliable internet we provide ourselves then we provide the same service to you.After all that's the Golden Rural. We are so happy you dropped by and we look forward to serving you with the best most personable High Speed Rural Internet service in the area and city internet service in your area.


$40 Per Month

4MBPS Down and 1.5MBPS Up
Unlimited Bandwith
Great Home Package or Small Business
My Parents Use This Plan
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$60 Per Month

8MBPS Down and 1.5MBPS Up
Unlimited Bandwith
Larger Home Package For Business
Teenage Daughters - Choose Here
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$100 Per Month

12MBPS Down and 4MBPS Up
Unlimited Bandwith
Modern Home & Business Plan
My FAV Business Run With This Plan
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$400TBP Per Month

10 + MBPS Down and 10 + MBPS Up
Unlimited Bandwith
Static IP's, High Bandwith, Upload
IT Professionals or Those in The Know
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Golden Features

Speedy Downloads

You will not be oversold or undersold our advertised speed is what we strive to deliver on a consistent basis.

Speedy Streams

Our state of the art network allows us to be one of the most reliable and advanced Wireless ISP in the area. Canada and USA wide we understand fiber,DSL and Cable networks.

Speedy Browsing

Whether you are trying to work from home, learn in school, game or run a business we have a reliable service to help you be productive.

Just in case you need any help

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