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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as we have come to shorten it to is the process of using the internet to talk on the phone rather than the hard phones lines coming into your house or office. Today many business and home woners are moving to VoIP because it provides greater flexibility, customizable solutions and a significant cost savings.

Do you “799” ? When our customer base calls us we see this exchange a lot. We always ask would you be interestd in cutting your phone bill in half ? They usually answer 100% of the time with yes. We educate them about VoIP and the purchase of an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) box that we sell and install and voila your phone bill will be cut in half. Over the course of a year our customers tell us, that is a savings in some cases of more that $400+ dollars.Connect with us and we will show you how our various packages can help you be successful in your communication needs and your cost saving goals!

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