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We take great pride in offering a full range of communication services to our residential customers. These can range from a simple but very effective wireless internet service right up to a variety of home automation services.Often what seems simple can turn out to be quite complex. When it comes to internet hook up it seems like it has a language all of its own. Here at Golden Rural we begin our services by taking away the confusion.Our highly trained staff knows how confusing it can be for you to choose the most appropriate internet service for your needs. They will begin by determining what your household needs are then suggesting the best package for you.For example Our Bronze package consists of…
4 MBPS down and 2MBPS up
You of course are going to want speed when you upload to your computer or if you are downloading. That much you know but you aren’t quite sure what you need to get this.Broadband speed is what ensures this, and it is measured in megabits per second, (mbps). The higher the number of mega bites per second (mbsp), the faster your speed is With 4 MBPS you are going to enjoy a good speed for the internet applications and services you want to utilize. It will work well for your browsing and email needs.Most average homeowners don’t do as much uploading of data as they do downloading, so 2 MBPS is quite adequate.If you are running a small home business that doesn’t require a lot of uploading of files then the Bronze package will work for you.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Bandwidth involves the amount of data that you can download or upload. By having unlimited bandwidth it means you are not restricted to how often or how much data you download or upload.


It you have several different computers being operated within the home, then more often than not several people want to be on the internet at the same time. In this case you would be really pleased with the Silver Package as your speed is not going to be compromised by multiple family users all wanting the best that the internet has to offer at the same time.It is also the ideal package to choose for your home business if you are going to be doing some significant file transferring and uploading. This way you have got the speed and functionality that your business may require.


Not all home businesses are considered small when it comes to their internetneeds,especially if you are running an Ecommerce site. Your best choice if you are operating a business website where you need to run a lot of applications, and be able to run your online business with speed then our Gold Package is top notch. It will easily handle both your personal and at home business needs. For those that are running a small brick and mortar business then no more is needed for top internet performance than our Gold Package.
No matter which of these Golden Rural cost efficient and high performance internet packages you choose you can depend on the best functionality and the best in customer service. Golden Rural fully understands that the internet is important to every client no matter to what degree they are using it. For this reason we make every effort to keep the service running at peak performance, and if problems do occur then the priority is to get it fixed as quickly as possible.


If you have specific requirements for additional upload, static IP, port forwarding or more complex needs to meet your ideal internet connection then the Custom package is for you. The flexibility and the opportunity built into this package will ensure that your business is custom fitted with a tailor solution that helps it run smoothly and effectively. Our custom package is often paired with advanced VoIP networking, surveillance systems and cloud solutions or remote solutions. We look forward to working with you and designing a custom solution for you.