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As the name suggests we seek to pull are your wireless devices together and UnIFI them together in one harmonious grouping to provide beautiful WiFi across your business or home.Basically think of it like this. When you enter the mall you walk from one part of the mall to the other yet your phone stays connected the entire time. Wow how did that happen when your phone can’t stay connected in your house from room to room.
That is the function of a wireless mesh network that seamlessly handed off the ability for your phone or tablet to travel through the mall but stay connected the entire time. We do that in your home or office with UnIFI platform which is enterprise class technology now affordably priced for your home or SOHO office.Contact us to see why we have put many of these networks into our customers locations and only heard good things about it. Remember ,the Golden Rule is to do unto others as you would have done onto yourself. Well we live by and Golden Rural and our digital lives run on the Wifi in our homes, offices and our families and our businesses run on UnIFI Networks. Allow us to put one in for you and solve ALL your WiFi problems with one installation.