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Security Systems

Security systems can be as advanced or as simple as you choose. Regardless of your choice there is a variety of new technology on the market that Golden Rural can Install for you.It could be something as simple as a system to know when you kids get home safely from school, to a system that protects your business, Golden Rural has installed it and taught the owners how to use it. We also maintain it, upgrade it as necessary and make sure the system works for you.

Check out this video for a snap shot of what is possible from Golden Rural and our technology partners.

Golden Rural does not monitor your system but we can set the system up so that your cell phone, computers, tablets monitor it for you and alert you if there is a problem. This can save you 100’s of dollars from having to pay a monitoring company. A good security system will start with a good WiFi system and Golden Rural will start there and build to suit.

Video surveillance.With the multitude of options from CCTV to IP camera systems it can be daunting trying to find the best system that meets your needs and budget.We have access to many of these options and the experience required to Plan, Deploy & Maintain your system. We can even maintain existing systems and get you up and running
with remote access.Contact Golden Rural to help you with your security and surveillance systems.