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Flat Screen Installations

Flat Screen Installations

We enjoy watching our Flat screen TV’s and when you’re looking to buy a new TV you want the best. Well! You’ve come to the right place. Golden Rural can source and sell you your dream flat screen and we can even install it correctly and professionally.

We have the best collection of Flat screen TV’s that can be used in your living, bedroom and/or can also be integrated with your computer systems so that you can enjoy working or playing games on a larger screen(s) instead of putting strain on your eyes while working or playing games.

We’ve got beautiful designs and a wide range of branded TV’s that range from Luxurious living room master piece to affordable inexpensive TV screens that have a jaw dropping picture quality and amazing clarity and of course, our team of experienced installers enhance your screen even more by using beautiful mounting brackets and installation best practices. We install the best mounts, with HDMI and Cat5e connections as well as Coax Cable/Satellite cabling. While we are at it we can also set up surround sound system click here for more options for sound.